Why Are We Here?

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A question that comes across our desk from time to time, is why did you decide to start this site? It’s simple, really.

This site is built to be a resource for those who are trying to make their way through life and start a life of independence. All you have to do is turn on the news and it’s all economic doom and gloom all the time.

But we’re of the opinion that there is plenty of opportunity for people who are resourceful enough to roll up their sleeves, do the hard work, and make things happen. This site just happens to focus on the people in that group that are interested in working in the transportation industry.

Freight brokers are hard-working people and there is good money to be made as a broker. We’ve seen it ourselves from our experience in transportation – hard work is rewarded by the people who know their stuff, and are willing to dig in and make things happen.

As we get this site moving and growing, we’re covering a lot of basics. But we can already see there is so much opportunity for growing and covering other areas of logistics and brokerage.

We want to introduce those who have no experience in the industry to what it’s really like. We want to show them what’s involved in finding work, becoming a broker agent, becoming a broker, starting your own brokerage, what’s the life of a broker like, etc.

We don’t have the answers, but what we do have is a desire to produce outstanding, relevant and easy-to-use information that will help aspiring brokers on the way. We are dedicated to top-notch research, finding answers to the questions you have.

Do you have a subject that you would like for us to cover? Just let us know in the comments below.

Jim Casey

Freight Broker Training Headquarters is a hub for all of your Freight Broker training needs. Whether you are just getting started in your transportation, shipping and logistics career, or want to advance your existing career, we strive to provide you the resources to maximize your career aspirations.

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