Freight Broker Agent – Job Description of a Freight Broker Agent

Freight broker agents have great opportunities and virtually unlimited earning potential in the transportation industry. The primary duty of a freight agent is to coordinate with the company that needs trucking services for their cargo. Since many businesses are involved with transporting their goods, hiring a freight broker agent to assist a company in the entire process of shipping turns out to be more affordable than employing a full-time personnel.

The Work of a Freight Broker Agent

The job description for freight brokers and freight agents are almost identical. In fact, most successful brokers started as agents. Same thing with the broker’s job, freight broker agent is the one to contact manufacturers or shippers to get the cargo. He also calls the trucking companies to take the goods and prepare the documents needed for the shipment before forwarding to his broker to process the payment.

For those not familiar with freight brokerage, let’s look at an overview of a freight broker agent’s job. Their main objective is to ensure that incoming and outgoing shipments are done properly and timely. They look for credible shipping company that caters their needs and meets their requirements. Since they are in charge with the transportation of goods, they are responsible for determining the most expedient route.

There are just few differences between freight broker and freight broker agent. They are both individual contractors who operate and earn their income from the sale of brokerage services. However, freight agents are working under the protection of a broker’s license, insurance coverage and surety bond. Since a freight agent work without financial risk, he must share his earnings with his sponsoring broker.

Freight broker agents mostly do transactions over the phone or the internet and they rarely come into actual meeting. They just have to make sure that they hire credible people for the delivery of cargo and take consideration on the affordability of the carrier.

Why Do Companies Hire Freight Broker Agent

No matter how slapdash the economy, commodities are still in demand and need to be transported to the market. The increase for the delivery services is very evident. Even with high amount of transportation expenses, manufacturers still have to make sure their products are delivered promptly to different places. There are numerous motor carriers willing to ship goods provided that they agree upon the deal with a freight broker or freight broker agent. Since most manufacturers are looking for carriers to haul their products in a safe and affordable way, they choose to hire a freight agent to handle the operation with the delivery company. This procedure is much easier for them than hiring a workforce to assist them when they need service for the cargo.

Freight broker agent has significant responsibility. It requires a formal training and good set of contact lists to be successful.

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